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Cabriolet Lease Deals

A cabriolet is a passenger car that can be driven with or without the roof in place; these are also known as convertibles. A cabriolet allows an open roof driving experience but also can provide a roof when required. 

Cabriolets are smaller compact cars and often offer two to three doors and tend to have less passenger space in the back.


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Coupe Lease Deals

The coupe is a french term meaning cut. A coupe is a passenger car that has a sloping roofline and typically two to three doors but there are several four-door coupes on the market. There is much demand for the sleek coupe look there are plenty to choose from Audi TT,  Audi A5 coupe, BMW 2 series and of course the Porsche 911.



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Electric / Hybrid Lease Deals

Electric/plug-in hybrid/self-charging and mild hybrid vehicles come in all shapes and sizes from hatchback to SUV to vans, electric cars are better for the environment and admit lower to no exhaust emissions compared to diesel and petrol cars. Fully electric vehicles pay 0% benefit in kind for the tax year April 2020 – April 2021.


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Estate Lease Deals

Estate cars are standard saloon or hatchback vehicles with an extended rear end which provides extra boot space.

Estate cars typically used for business use but they are also suitable for families to use as the vehicle provides extra space in the rear end and is easily accessible and offers excellent value for money.


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Hatchback Lease Deals

A hatchback car is usually a smaller compact car. These are either a two or three-box design as you can get a fiat 500 which is a hatchback but so is a Volkswagen golf, but as you can see there is a significant difference in passenger and boot size combined between these two cars. Hatchbacks usually can fold down the second-row seating which can extend the boot space when needed.


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MPV Lease Deals

MPV meaning multi-purpose vehicle, sometimes known as a minivan or people carrier. MPVs can offer a lot of space and versatility as they can often seat six or more; they also have a raised roofline. They tend to have higher seating and plenty of interior space, the accessibility to the car is practicable, making them very family-friendly. MPVs are different from the SUV as they lack the off-road driving ability.


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Saloon Lease Deals

The word saloon was originally used for the luxury carriages on a train and was adopted by the early car manufacturers. 

A saloon is a passenger car with 3 section configuration, engine, passenger and boot. Saloons are longer and more spacious than your standard vehicle. A saloon car’s long and low profile gives these vehicles a sophisticated and subtly stylish look.


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Suv & 4WD Lease Deals

Suv meaning “sports utility vehicles” which are made to tackle off-road surfaces as their body is generally raised. They have high roofs with plenty of interior space and headroom. Suvs mostly offer seven seats and have a large spacious boot which makes them perfect for a family car.



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Van Lease Deals

A van is a type of road vehicle that is used for transporting goods or people. They offer ample amounts of space which tend to be why business owners are particularly inclined to purchase them as they are practical for many trade people.


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