Delivery Lead Times

If you are new to car leasing, chances are, you’ll have lots of questions regarding delivery lead times.


To help explain delivery lead times, we have put together a short guide on what to expect when ordering a lease vehicle and how long it takes to be delivered.

delivery vehicles

Factory orders are brand new cars that have not yet been built; allowing you to add any additional options to build your desired car.


Most customers will configure the chosen car on the manufacturers’ website and pass this information on to us. This way, we can quote you based on your exact requirements. Furthermore, you will know how much these additional options cost and understand how your monthly cost is calculated. 


E.g., Your chosen vehicle doesn’t come with a panoramic roof, but you would like this added, this will incur additional costs to your monthly payment.


Factory orders incur longer lead times because it is being built from scratch. When your order is finalised, building will commence and this usually takes 13-18 weeks.


Factory orders are perfect for customers that want to add individual equipment to the specification, personalising the car to suit them. It allows you to build your dream car!

Pipeline vehicles typically have a delivery time of only 6 – 8 weeks.


Securing a pipeline deal means you are leasing a vehicle that has already been built and is in transit to the UK.

As these have already been made, you cannot add any additional options to the car. Once the vehicles have landed in the UK, this will be delivered to you, or you can pick up from an agreed point if preferred.

Stock vehicles are perfect for customers looking for quick delivery!

Lead times are usually 2- 4 weeks but can come sooner; it depends on how quickly the document exchange is.


When looking for a stock vehicle, it is essential to know that you cannot add any additional specification options, as it has already been built and is ready for delivery straight to you.


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